Sunday, 28 June 2009

sunday 28th june

morning sunshine+ s.f.
woke with a start-those damn piggyohs-give me my gunnnnnnnnnnnnn lolol
strooled the pebbles

Saturday, 27 June 2009

saturday morning :)

morning all,and s.f. :)
woke up to the sound of the damn pigeons on my roof-if l hear anothe twit tawhoo or something likewise-l will buy a shot gun and say bye to those little feathered friends :)
so,as l was saying.woke up real early,nothing to get up for-but a cup of C and music-passione e amour is playing-one of my early morning tunes-try it your like it hehe
Going for a shower and out to the bank to pay bills-is that a drag or what-yes l hear a few of you say lol
then lunch on the beach-pasta & chicken and a bot of white-seems a good combi-wud'nt you say s.f.?
bye for now
have a good one =one and all

Sunday, 14 June 2009

long time no been here lol

its sunday pm and l'm chilling-sat on the beach for a while.ppl watching,got bored to tears.
went to coffee bar and sat talking to an old guy about how the younger generation had it all-was good to talk to someone who did'nt have it this way as a teenager-
now home sitting on floor writing-sun is out and filling the room-kinda nice-

see ya soon

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

wednesday 18th march

today feels like l've done something wrong,yet l cannot put my finger on what it is-sometimes l think l try to hard to plz-and in doing so l make big mistakes-still,l did'nt make it this far without doing the odd mistake-then again its always the odd once that make you feel like crap-
no doupt l'll find a cure and come back feeling alot better then what l do right now-hey ho!!